pls d0nate ur sugar HERE

Tis only me. A sugar deprived human being in need of new friends and a loving environment. Depressed I was many years ago when my candy supply was stolen by my captives. "Parents," they called themselves. "Cavities," they said. "Obesity."

The cravings have become too unbearable these past couple weeks. I have been surviving on the average stick of mint gum and a monthly fun size Twix. But keep it on the down low, my reader. Only a few know of its existence. Such secrets can only be kept for so long but I want I intend to keep it as long as I can.

Furthermore on my sufferings of the past few weeks, I have begun to feel a twinge of loneliness. Being an only child only has so many perks and now it is catching up to me. Devastated I was when my mother would not agree to play a game of Mario Smash Bros last Wednesday. My sanity is dwindling.....
yay you're here!
I hope you intend to stay! I would enjoy the company :D